Microsoft 365

A Microsoft 365 migration gives you the same Office experience that you have been using for years, just more up to date, while lowering IT costs and making applications available anywhere in the world and on any device.

Infinity can provide all your Microsoft 365 needs including...

Advisory & Strategic Consulting
Ongoing Management & Support
Email/Data Migration


What is Office 365? It’s whatever you need it to be, within your business requirements and budget. The product catalogue is varied and covers hosted email services, document storage/sharing, backup for these services, Microsoft Office (Outlook, Word, Excel etc)…the list goes on.

See Microsoft FAQs here

Common Office 365 products and services we provide are:

Exchange Online Plan 1

Secure and reliable business class email with a 50GB mailbox per user.

Business Basic

Secure and reliable business class email with a 50GB mailbox per user.
Document storage and sharing, collaboration. (OneDrive, SharePoint, Teams etc)

Business Standard

Business Class Email 50Gb mailbox
fully installed MS Office
1 TB cloud storage with OneDrive
File sharing with SharePoint
Video conferencing, chat, calls and more with Teams.

Microsoft 365 Backup Services

So you’ve migrated your email to the cloud. You’re using Sharepoint and Onedrive as file storage and sharing. It’s safe and backed up now, right? No.
Although it’s replicated across Microsoft’s data centres, your email is still susceptible to external threats, accidental (or intentional) deletion or corruption.
Infinity offer the following services which will ensure peace of mind:
365 Mailbox only backup
365 Full Cloud backup (Exchange mailbox/SharePoint/Onedrive/Teams/OneNote etc)

Please get in contact if you wish to find out more.