DNS Filter


Infinity Cloud DNSFilter offers comprehensive content filtering and threat protection for all of your networks. Our cloud topology is spread across multiple providers, ensuring a solid platform to control what your users are allowed to access online. Our purpose-built AI scanner can classify content in real-time as well as detect threats encountered on the internet, such as phishing and malware domains.

Over the lifetime of Infinity Cloud DNSFilter, our network has achieved 100% uptime. We’ve engineered our DNS system to be able to recover from multiple sources of degradation, so you can always depend on us to filter your networks.

All features can be administered remotely from any device using our online dashboard.


Infinity Cloud DNSFilter takes only a few minutes to configure on your network equipment. After initial configuration, all adjustments are made through our online dashboard. You have complete control of all policies, devices, and users in your account.

We offer roaming clients on all major platforms: Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android, and ChromeOS. You can easily assign policies which are unique to devices or device groups.

Real Time A.I. Categorization

The internet is a BIG place. More than 126,000 domains are registered each day, making it impossible for human- controlled block lists to catch up with classifying websites and identifying potential malware or phishing attempts. This creates a major vulnerability in most filtering/security solutions.

Infinity Cloud DNSFilter has an artificial intelligence engine, which classifies domains in real time. When your users visit a domain, our scanner fetches it and classifies it immediately. The classification is then matched against your policy to determine if the user can access it.

Our scanner also utilizes image-based analysis, which is able to defeat phishing attempts, such as those which mimic Google, Microsoft, and Dropbox logins.

What Is DNS Filtering?

May I take this opportunity in thanking you for your prompt action in dealing with our hardware problem last week. We were in jeopardy of not being able to pay some clients employees at the end of last month and although we needed to work additional hours we fulfilled our deadlines on time.
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Infinity Business Solutions - a company aptly named! They always provide solutions, they're always businesslike and offer no end of help and advice. It gives us great confidence to know that Infinity are on board.
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I just wanted to say thank you for all the hard work put in supporting our systems It is really appreciated that you are on the ball  and I really feel that we can rely on Infinity when it counts.
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The staff at Infinity are always cheerful, courteous & helpful and pretty much resolve problems first time. Nothing is ever too much problem and they even are prepared to help outside of hours when urgent help is needed. Keep up the good work...and don't lose the personal touch!
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Infinity understand that down time is the most important issue and do all they can to ensure that our staff have minimal down time when experiencing problems.
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You don’t know how good it is not having SPAM arriving every 3 minutes! I’ve received no SPAM since 4pm yesterday ... nothing in my Inbox, Junk Mail folder or caught by the SPAM controls within Exchange. Perfect!
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Having benefitted from Infinity’s support since 2013, we remain impressed with their technical ability and focused approach to keeping our IT systems updated and working as they should. After using a larger IT support company we chose Infinity because of their size, with them being big enough to cope, but small enough to care. We made the right choice - the quality of their service has always been excellent, and we’ve come to regard them as part of team.
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Unfortunately our business suffered a ransomware attack however thanks to Infinity’s support we were able to get by with minimal downtime. Rob and the team worked tirelessly throughout Friday and Monday and over the weekend to ensure we weren’t left negatively affected by the event. We were very glad for the great back ups and systems that we had invested in thanks to Infinity’s past recommendations.
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