Remote Working

Infinity are committed to helping your business and staff work from home effectively

We are living in unprecedented times and the last thing you need right now is your IT to let you down so as we all settle into remote working, how can we help you keep your business and staff working effectively from home? We’ve been providing remote IT solutions for over 15 years and we pride ourselves on always offering independent advice to make sure we find the right solution for your business

Fortunately there are many remote working products, services and offers out there – hardware, software, web based tools and services, audio and video conferencing, online document management and storage, communications packages and collaboration tools – but knowing what you need (and don’t), as soon as possible, to keep things going might not be as easy and we can help you identify all your requirements.

Most importantly we can make sure everything is set up using strict data security measures and ongoing remote IT support so you wont be compromised by insecure private devices or networks.

We’re all in this together so please contact us if we can help.